Okay, So What’s The Cost Of This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that Nice Guy Gets Girl could easily sell for $200. In fact, if you signed up for one of my three hour seminars you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $225 to $270.

I currently charge a minimum of $500 for a 2-night weekend personal consultation that doesn’t require me to travel.  So at a bare bones minimum you’re getting hundreds of dollars of effective dating success secrets at your disposal.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for Nice Guy Gets Girl is only $99.99 $49.99.

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well it’s simple. Yes, I know from my seminars and personal consultations that I can easily sell this eBook for $200. But I’m a Nice Guy, so I priced it at $99.99.

But since this is an Introductory Offer, I will sell the First 300 Copies for the discounted price of $49.99.

Travelling every weekend for consultations, while fun, gets tiring! Giving lectures at different campuses across the country pays well, but I would rather stay home with my girlfriend. She’s been begging me to spend some time in her home state (California) and I’m ready for some serious time off.

The eBook allows me to reach more guys for less cost and with almost zero overhead. So I can afford to sell it for next to nothing.

If You Are One Of The First 300 Buyers You Get:

Nice Guy Gets Girl at the Introductory Price of $49.99

Alpha Male Strength & ConditioningCompletely Free
Using Humor To Attract WomenCompletely Free
How To Skyrocket Your Confidence LevelCompletely Free

And because of my Unconditional No Questions Asked Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee, If Nice Guy Gets Girl Doesn’t Increase Your Success With Women, I’ll Give You 100% of Your Money Back And You Keep The Free Gifts. NO RISK TO YOU.