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Before I learned this secret my life sucked! I had absolutely no luck with women. The few women I did date quickly dumped me before anything got serious. I was sick of always being on the losing end when it came to relationships. I was that nice guy who every woman should want (but didn’t). I was a 4.0 student in school, went to college, grad school, had a great high paying job, a beautiful house and BMW Sports Car, and a body most men would die for. I had everything except success with women. This made me feel like I was a failure at my one basic purpose in life…being a man.

Then I decided enough was enough. I used my skills as a NASA Engineer to research the art and science of attracting beautiful women. I asked every man I knew who was great with women what the secret was. I asked hundreds. The answer shocked me. I just couldn’t believe it was so simple. Then I started talking to thousands of beautiful women all over the country. Everything they revealed confirmed what the men told me.

And none of it is what you think. None of what they taught me is what you see on TV or in magazines or books. Why is nobody actually telling us the truth about attracting women? I wrote Nice Guy Gets Girl to dispel the myth. Inside I tell the truth about how to easily attract women. My simple, proven, step by step approach will change your life forever (it sure changed mine). It’s so much easier than you think.

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  2. The Only Place You Should Ever Take A Woman On A First that she will beg you for a second date.
  3. Why Women Choose One Man Over Another. The answer will change your life forever.
  4. How To Interpret Her Secret Code Language and Body Language. When you actually understand what she is saying, it’s like you are reading her mind. Imagine how much better you would be with women if you could read her mind!
  5. The Alpha Male Body Language cues that women can not resist. This alone is worth triple the price of the eBook.

I used to be “Friend Zone Guy,” what a horrible feeling. NiceGuyGetsGirl changed my entire life  ... now I meet and date beautiful women all the time! Now they call me asking for dates."     — Sam C.

"My friend made fun of me because I never had girlfriends. Two weeks after reading NiceGuyGetsGirl, I met the woman of my dreams. We’ve been dating for seven months and things are going great.” --- Jose G.

 I’m glad you asked for a testimonial, because you literally changed my life. My friends and family notice a giant increase in my confidence level, my new girlfriend laughs when I tell her about the “old me.” What would I tell guys about your eBook? Just buy it man, do exactly what it says, and literally watch your life change in a matter of days."   — Herman A.

Which of These Five Problems Would You Like To End?

  1. Getting Stuck In The Friend Zone
  2. Spending Every Weekend Home Alone
  3. Being The Only One Of Your Friends Who Doesn’t Have A Girlfriend
  4. Always Getting Dumped And Not Knowing Why
  5. Having No Clue, And No Confidence With Women

There are tons of dating “gurus.” Everyone is an expert right? They tell you to be a bad boy and that women only like jerks. Or that you have to make a ton of money to get the girl. Well here’s the truth: You don’t have to be a male model, a jerk, or rich. You don’t need tattoos; you don’t need to be famous.

Why Do Some Men Always Seem To Be Dating Beautiful Women?

I wrote Nice Guy Gets Girl because I got sick of all the lies and game-playing going on out there. I got sick of hearing people give horrible dating advice to all the good guys out there. And I got sick of good guys, guys like you, and me (regular Joes), not getting the girl because nobody was telling us the simple truth about attracting women.

You deserve better. It’s time to make a change. It’s time to finally learn the simple effective truth about attracting beautiful women. So here is my promise to you.

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